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Panzer IV Build, "Well - not almost done" ... Weeks #54 to #57

Progress on the Panzer IV build in November 2020. Weeks 53 to 57. Things are moving along. Turning our attention to the basics for the engine. Air, Exhaust, Oil, Cooling... and things of the like.

Air Intake: We built the air flow valve in previous posts that directs where the engine's air comes from.

That apparatus feeds the air cleaner box. The air cleaner of a Panzer IV was an oil bath type cleaner. Ours is not going to be oil bath, but look like the original and use a Giant K&N dry filter.

Its a huge feature inside the engine compartment. When finished there will be a big steel tube that snakes out of it and into a box that feeds the carburetors. See below where the air comes in the side and then goes out the top.

The final photo in that gallery shows the box as it sits in the engine compartment. Its hooked to the air flow valve that goes into the fighting compartment.


Next is the exhaust piping: Pretty simple really. Pipe from the four engine manifolds to the tail of the hull. We added a small flexible collar at the hull so the pipe can vibrate and hopefully won't fatigue and crack.

Started with flanges and ended up poking out the ass end. Ready for a muffler. You can see how the armored guards work so no body shoots a bullet up the tail pipe.


Oil Filter: We had to relocate the oil filter for two reasons. One, it would be super difficult to service later (this is under the air filter box) and two, it was too tall for the lowered engine. Its now located over where it can be easily reached through the firewall service hatch. We made the block-off and added hose fittings to run hoses.


Drivers Seat: We started with an OT810 seat which basically had all the right bends. It needed some major overhaul because the Panzer IV drivers seat is very specific. Mattias at the Flakpanzer restoration was a fantastic resource for this. He has made detailed (production quality) drawings of the standard Panzer IV seat. (Mattias also helped a ton on the air cleaner box,,, Thanks Mattias!)

The seat was completely worked over. The only part that was helpful from the OT seat was the bends. It was widened, lengthened, lifted, and the reclining mechanism completely re-done. Fabricated springs were added with the correct method. And yes, the springs were tied with wire on an original seat..

We're very pleased with the way it turned out. Just waiting on the upholstery pads made from horse hide. Here it is in its final glory.

Its actually very comfortable and adjustable in steps with the side arm notches. The side adjustment pieces were traced from a surviving original piece that I have.


Extras: Here are some little bits that added to the mix. Radioman's seat with radio power supplies, Radioman's step. MG34 service box, and breathing tube holder. We were able to take the exact mounting positions from the witness marks on our original hull side piece.

Driver's side gets an accessory panel that is bolted to the hull with the return roller bolts. It holds some electrical things and fuses. Also a fire extinguisher. The panel also serves as a driver's step so he can lower himself into his position. Mounted to the floor is the box for headphones and throat microphones.


This takes us through week 57 which was November 2020. It was fun to see the progress of adding some detail in the hull.


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