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M113 C&R "Lynx"


Developed in 1963, the M113 C&R "Lynx" was a venture by FMC corp., the same company that manufactured the M113. It was offered for evaluation in a completion to serve as the U.S. light tracked command and reconnaissance vehicle. The Lynx was not chosen in favor of the short-lived M114. However, the Lynx was not without its fans. Canada and Belgium purchased production version and the amphibious Lynx served a long and successful career in Foreign Service.

Our M113 Lynx is actually one of the few prototypes used for evaluation and testing. The Serial Number is P1 (prototype 1). We have mechanically re-conditioned our Lynx, and it is our little “hot rod.”


  • Length – 4.6 meters

  • Width – 2.41 meters

  • Height – 2.18 meters

  • Weight – 8.77 tons

  • 215 HP via a six cylinder Detroit diesel 6V-53

  • Max speed 71 km/h on land and 6 km/h in water

  • 31.8 mm

  • .50 caliber M2 machine gun

  • 7.62 mm GPMG C5/C5A1

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