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Panzer IV Build, "Boldly into 2021" ... Weeks #62 to #66

January 2021. Bold new year and onward we go. Here is the progress we made in the month.

Back on with the the Aufbau. With most all of the work on the aufbau done we will to attack a few new phases on the hull. So we need the aufbau back on. We want to start work on the engine controls, test the turret bearing, measure for the motor cover doors and start the motor for the first time. Plus... were bored looking the project naked in the rack

Went back on... No Problem. Nothing had shifted and the bolts jumped back in.

With the aufbau on we can test the center cross pieces to take the weight with water in the radiator. Michael comes up with the oil dipstick install.

Test start went A-OK. Engine ran, (needed timing tune) but it ran. Noticed a little water seeping from one of head gaskets. hmmmmm

The Panzer IV throttle and choke linkage is mechanical and runs all the way to the back on the drivers side. It glides on a series of wood blocks shielded by a series of metal covers. The rods are operated through a handful of bell cranks ultimately pulling on the carburetor linkage.

Jon was the master of the linkage. All in and it functions perfectly with no friction or binding.

Woo Hoo !!!!! The turret bearing is here... The turret bearing is here... Made by Krupp-Thyssen, this turret bearing was copied from our original Panzer IV bear..... wait, what? Krupp made Panzer IV bearings for real back in the 40's.. Wow, ironic. Anyway, It's made to the specs of a Panzer IV bearing except for the gear teeth. We made the teeth to mate to a Sherman drive gear. We will use a Sherman set up to power the turret. Cool huh.

There I am in the happy selfie because the bearing fit. Lots of money was wagered on this bearing... Nice that it fits.

While the main parts were together it was a great chance to measure for the three motor cover doors. While looking at doors we got sidetracked and decided to make all of the locks. Patterned on the original, here is the Panzerfabrik version of the motor cover door lock.

You will see more on these later when the doors are made and the locks installed.

Now for the big news. It's time to give birth to the Panzer IV and remove it from the birthing table. First it had to be stripped down to its basic hull. So off everything went.

We cut it free, jacked it up and put it on pipe and pulled it out with the fork. Meanwhile we had to start putting on the suspension so it has something to sit on and roll.

Yep... The wheels look like crap but they get dressed up later. With that aside the "glass half full" view is --- "It's a hull on wheels". Glory be!

That's where we ended January 2021. Lots of progress in the month. I know I am unbelievably behind in my postings. You should see what it looks like now.... In November. Thats a teaser to be patient with me and stay in there following this build. If any of you want to volunteer to move to Delta and be the social media guy..... The slot is gladly open.



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12 de jan. de 2023

Hopefully when i grown up, i have enough money to bought this tank, good luck on restoring the Panzer IV!

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