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The T-34 (and latter variant T-34/85) tanks are a series of Soviet main battle introduced early during Second World War. Coming as a shock to Germany the T-34 was superior to all German tanks until the Germans could respond with the Tiger I and the Panther. Many historians argue that the T-34 was the best all-around tank of World War II. It was simple, robust and deadly. It could be produced in mass numbers and included many revolutionary design features. It was the first to incorporate the advantages of sloped armor.

During 1943 the Turret was redesigned to utilize a bigger main gun. The 85mm high velocity was installed and proved to be a “Tiger Killer”. This up-gunned version was known as the T-34/85. The T-34/85 operated for decades after WWII in the Soviet army as well as many other Soviet allies. The T-34 was an active combatant in the Korean War and Viet Nam in opposition to the U.S. Many T-34/85 have been destroyed by the U.S. in recent history in operation Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and the war in Afghanistan.

Our T-34 was produced in October 1944 and was knocked out during WWII. It was rebuilt in 1945 and served in with Soviet forces during the Cold War until it was imported into the U.S. For many years it was displayed at the Evergreen Air and Space Museum. It was purchased by Panzerfabrik, Inc. in 2016 and has just undergone an extensive restoration back to WWII condition.


  • Length – 6.68 m (21’-11”)

  • Width – 3.27 m (9’10”)

  • Height – 2.4 m (8’-0”)


Main Gun
  • ZIS-53  85mm

  • Ranges from 20 mm to 90 mm thick which brings in a combat weight of 37.5 U.S. tons or 75,000 lbs.

  • 5 (Commander, Driver, MG gunner, Main gunner, Loader)

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