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T-55AM Merida


The Russian T-55 Main Battle Tank (MBT) was the result of perfecting the T-54. The linage transitioned to the designation T-55 in 1958. This series would become the most-produced tank ever in military history with an estimated 86,000-100,000 built. The 70+-year-old design is actively in use around the world today. It is commonly referred to simply as the T-54/55.


As a result of the cold war arms race, the competing sides were constantly under pressure to modernize equipment to stay up with or ahead of their adversaries. The final progression of the T-54/55 series resulted in the T-55AM2 and T-55AM Merida.

Our Polish-produced T-55AM Merida is one of the last progressions of T-54/55 development. Built-in the 1980s, the T-55AM Merida put forth the best technology that could be strapped onto the aging T-54/55 design. The “Merida” fire control system assists in targeting and gunnery control while the NBC defenses are enhanced. Higher horsepower and thicker armor had pushed the T-54/55 as far as it could go. Our example was completely re-conditioned in Poland for shipment to the Panzerfabrik stable.


  • Length: 9m (29.53 feet)

  • Width: 3.27m (10.73 feet)

  • Height: 2.4m (7.87 feet)

  • Weight: 45 tons

  • Max speed: 31 mph

  • Range: 500 km

  • The T-55AM Merida had a crew of four; a commander, driver, loader, and gunner.


  • 12 cylinder W-55 WAX Diesel engine making 613hp

  • 205 mm turret front

  • 105 mm turret sides

  • 60 mm turret rear

  • 30 mm turret roof

  • 100-120 mm hull front

  • 20-79 mm hull sides
    16-33 mm hull roof

  • 20 mm hull bottom


The T-55AM Merida is equipped with an additional passive armor system (type BDD) on the front of the turret and the hull. There is also a protection system that consists of a WPL-1 “Bobrawa” which is a laser-warning system, a T-55WWGD-1 “Erb” and WPD-1 “Tellur” 81 mm smoke grenade launchers in clusters of 8 on either side of the turret.

  • The Polish T-55AM Merida had a D-10T 100 mm canon (a select number of Meridas also had the 9K116 100 mm guided projectile missile system) and one 12.7 mm DShK anti-aircraft machine gun.

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