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Panzer IV Build, It's alive!

And you guys thought we had died. Truth is we never missed a beat. I just got tired of processing photos and posting. I'm a bad man... I know. But here it is on its maiden voyage.



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21 เม.ย.

How much would it figuratively cost if someone wanted to buy it?


I must congratulate you on an excellent build. It looks incredible. As a fellow Panzer fan, would you be willing to send over some of the CAD files you used for this project. I am planning on attempting a 1/2 scale build in the near future and would appreciate any technical details you could give.


Great work guys! Question, do you have any additional loose photos of the turret build or the idler/road wheel build which you might post in the future? I was very interested in your prior news feeds on the production progress and I was very impressed with the keen eye for detail you all had to make this the best ground up Panzer builds I've ever seen (and I've seen a few). Again great work


Well I knew it would be completed sooner or later and it looks wonderful.

Great commitment and it looks very original, congratulations from a Panzer fan.

Is a PANTHER on the project list?

I would love to visit and see it later 2023

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