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More Suspension, More Bolts - Week #8

Once again the progress is not as dramatic because we are continuing tasks already started…and… it was Christmas. That excuse being made, here is what we were up to.

We put on a couple more of the suspension bases.

Welcomed a new Panzer builder…“New Guy Eddie”  Here cutting the slot in the screws for the upper nose.  Here is some of Eddie’s work.

Kevin was out this week so Michael and I tried our hand at working the lathe. Pleased to report that we were successful and actually making some usable tapered bolts.  We also mounted one of the armored fuel fill doors.

That's about it for the week other than still working out details on drive train…. which is a monster.

Following is a gallery of the work that was done in 2013, 2014 and finishing in 2015.  Here is the story of making the Suspension Laufrollenwagen. I would not recommend this to my worst enemy.  Time will tell whether it will work or not. (I’m optimistic…I think it will work).  Maybe the wheels pop off when we put the weight of the reproduction on the suspension and make our first turn.

Panzer building is NOT for the feint of heart.

Next week we will have some fabrication to show.  Pieces are being processed to add to the interior of the hull.  The internal bracing up in the front is within our sights.

Keep your fingers crossed this is not just folly.

Until then…



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