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More Drive Train and Panzer IV Suspension - Week #7

Week #7 found us struggling to fit the drive train into the pre-set space. Multiple components need to happily fit through the fuel tank section, join up end to end and sit at an elevation so couplers and u-joints work as they should.  The system must also stand up to the forces that they will be subjected to while operating.

Not an easy combination… I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found the prince.  At the end of the week I’m pretty certain the arrangement has been solved.

Here are the three substantial components (less the transmission):

Engine and Steering Differential

This PTO Clutch housing, mounted backwards, will act as a clutch bell housing and mount for the manual 5 speed transmission.  This piece will have to be re-imagined and used in a way that it is not intended to.  The new invention will solve a bunch of issues with mounting and provide a safe place for the clutch. It will also act as the anchor for the driveshaft so that we don’t whirr up the turret crew in a self fashioned blender set to “chop”.

I feel like Henry Ford inventing the Model T….but bigger.

The magic path.

More work on the fuel fill openings.

Finished the fuel door holes.

The following tapered bolts with pointy ends seem to be fairly consistent throughout the Panzer IV.  The overall lengths vary but the heads are the same.

We needed 3 of these specific bolts to hold the front tow point castings.  Kevin spends a little time in his Lair and Boom!  Out comes three bolts.

Motor Mounts:

In case someone has a Maybach HL120 to give me…we replicated the Maybach motor mounts.  We would pull this GMC V12 out and put the Maybach in.

This is the ticket to the ballgame. The Panzer IV suspension. Without these there is NO Panzer IV.  Originals are very difficult to come by and super expensive. In about 2012 I re-invented the “laufrollenwagen”  and over the next few years built these welded versions.  They are constructed differently than originals but with some smoke and mirrors its the hope that they are believable.  These will be the least authentic items on the whole Panzer. But not bad..  ehhh?

A lot of guys had their hands in making these and they were difficult to put together.  They could be the subject of their own build story.  But thats a different tale for a different day.

Its awesome that we started mounting the carriers and they fit the hull beautifully.  Its all going to work.  Fingers crossed.

Its a great accomplishment on the week.   The hull drilling festivities have begun…only 7,543 holes remaining.

We advanced the upper nose piece by grinding the areas where the pieces fit together too tight on the test fit session.

Some the seam lines were opened up a little to get the proper weld weight and width.

Oh Yeah!
Holes on the upper nose have been chamfered to receive the big screws.

That's where it ended…

Next week we will continue with what is started but it will be a short week for Christmas.

Until then.




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